Forget The Hardware For Apple Watch, Time For Watch OS 2.

Right now, the Apple Watch has low battery life (18 hours a day), low speed (2 secs to open an app). Of course, this can relate to the outdated chip that is on par with the iPod 5th gen on the watch, but we are actually missing one thing : can a new Watch OS help cope with the problem?

After the announcement of the Apple Watch way back in September, 2014, everyone only keeps talking about how it looks and how pricey it is etc. Recently, reviews from CNET, Apple Daily (Hong Kong), Techcrunch, and so on, starts to complain how slow it is and how unsatisfying the Watch is in terms of battery life.

Let’s go back to what makes the Watch the fabled Apple Watch, the Watch OS. It’s distinct and unique icons and animations are new and fresh, it gives customers a fresh view, instead of boring curved squares.

But A new Watch OS can no only help with app speeds, it may even help increase the battery life. This can almost solve every problem with the Apple Watch (Except for the price).